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Sehwan Sharif

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3327/3506745886_12cb044d86.jpgFormerly known as Swistan, Sehwan may be the oldest continuously occupied town in Sind. The site has been associated with Sindimania where Sambos king of the hill men surrendered to Alexander the Great. The fort, whose remains lie across the deep and narrow valley to the north of town was used by Alexander, and is known locally as the ‘Kafir Qila’. The town was later used in the 4th century as the Buddhist capital of Chandragupta 11’s ascetic brother, and then conquered in the 8th century by Mohammad Bin Qasim when the Buddhist population refused to fight. Commanding the Lakhi Pass, Sehwan has been a key strategic location for all invaders in the region.
Currently Sehwan is famous for the shrine of the 13th century Sufi saint Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (Divine Spirit of the Red Falcon). Born in Afghanistan as Sheikh Usman Merwandi, he came from the 11th century Qalandar order of wandering sufis who gave up the worldly desires and devoted themselves to propagating a religion free from orthodox rituals. The saint was renowned for his scholarship in Persian and Arabic and for his miracles. He claimed to be the last direct descendant og the prophet, helping the local people in times of disaster, and amazing them with his miracles.

How to get there
You may reach Sehwan Sharif by air but not with direct flight rather flying first to Moenjodaro (Larkana) and then drive back to Sehwan Sharif.
All the buses running from Larkana to Hyderabad or Karachi pass through Sehwan Sharif.